Write Every Damn Day

First, I want to acknowledge that I went off the grid for a bit and I now feel myself coming back more fully and more myself than ever before. I was in a place where I couldn’t write to the world. I want to always remain genuine and I couldn’t find the words to share what was going on in my life. I would rather break the rules and not blog at all, then post something that felt less authentic.

So here I am! And this feels so good. To write again and to have it just flow right out of me. There has been a few times where I have sat down, attempting to write something, thinking I was ready, and could not figure out a single way to put words to my spinning mind. One day, I attempted handwriting it out and within five minutes – I was asleep. Not because I was so tired, but because it had been an emotionally exhausting time in my life and trying to put words to any of it just stressed me out and my physical body decided to avoid. I wasn’t ready yet.

There is no way of knowing when life will hit hard and when it will flow easily. This has been a true lesson for me in being OK with where I am at, listening to my inner Sam and doing what I need to do to care of myself, and adjusting to any obstacle that may come my way.

One beautiful, wonderful, splendid way of coping/learning/growing/listening I have had these past few months: WRITING!!


Today I am here to talk about one tip (of many) that I have for journaling and writing on a daily basis. I think I could talk about journaling, the importance of it in my life, and the different techniques and activities I partake in – for days. I am a writer at heart. I love it, I need it, it helps me sort through life. So to keep it from getting overwhelming, we are going to focus on one activity I find so, so important.

Every night, before bed, I sit down with a piece of paper that holds ten questions and my journal where I answer these ten questions. These questions keep my head straight about how I am living my daily life. They force me to stop and think and reflect on my day. Here they are:


  1. What did I learn?
  2. Who did I love?
  3. How was I vulnerable?
  4. What am I grateful for?
  5. Who did I listen to?
  6. How was I challenged?
  7. What made me laugh?
  8. Who did I connect with?
  9. How did I grow?
  10. What did I share?



This activity has helped me get through some very trying times and see such positive in them. Any answer you can give is going to remind you of the positive actions of your day – even if it was challenging. Sticking to this as a nightly ritual, I have begun to remember the questions at random points throughout the day and it excites to me see that growth in myself. It reminds me to share, be vulnerable, face challenges, listen to others, etc.

I also recommend finding a safe space for you to be fully present in your writing. I usually do it in bed as the last thing before falling asleep, so I end my day on reflection and positivity. If I’m writing during the day, I like to go to places that make me feel comfortable and zen. Recently, my safe space has become The Honeysuckle Tea House in Chapel Hill. So, shout out to them for creating a space that makes me feel like I can breathe and fills me with appreciation for the beauty that is around me when I am there. Whatever that space is for you – take advantage of it. It’s those small beauties that change our day and change our life.



Johnny likes Honeysuckle Tea House, too

Try it out. Every night for a week. Let me know how you feel!

Peace & Love,



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