It’s finally here! My words are out in the world. Hi, everyone!


My intention of writing this blog is a journey of healing for us, together. I want to express myself in a creative outlet that is fit for me and give what I have stored in this chaos of a mind to you. I have a ‘save the world’ mentality and although that’s a gift in its own, I get carried away with the big picture and want to rescue all beings at once.. instant gratification. That’s not how the magic happens and the disappointment of not reaching an unattainable goal is a painful process. It’s time to take things one step at a time, focus on the moment, and do what calls to me. And here it is!! Starting here with writing, sharing, expressing, and hopefully having a positive impact on the life of even one person. I want to help you, reach you, speak to you, trigger something deep in your heart that has been waiting to be heard or recognized.

Words can be so powerful. Words can be so healing. Writing can bring groups of people together who would have not met otherwise. Words can teach people of compassion and understanding. It is all so powerful and all so important. They can be used to completely alter someones life in beautiful ways or they can be used to hurt someone quite badly. Let’s go with the first option and change what we talk about and the way we talk to each other via online platforms. We don’t need to wake up every day and judge our progress in life by what someone else is doing (or appears to be doing by what they say/show online). Let’s change that trend right here by developing something so full of love and support, that it can alter the way we view the internet. (side note: Before I get too carried away, I will touch more on this subject in a future post. This is just an overview of my intentions so you have an idea of what’s to come!)

I will get down and vulnerable with you all on this journey. I hope we can create a community of togetherness and healing. Somewhere down the line, we were taught that hiding emotions is strength and I’m here to remind you that nothing about hiding behind a false self makes us strong. It stores pain in places of our mind and body and over time, creates further damage if you don’t work it out. The longer we wait to let ourselves be us, the longer the repair process is going to be. I know this from personal experience and one of these days, I will let you in on the health conditions I have suffered followed by my belief of why and how they came to be. Strength is being in touch with your emotions, feeling them when you can, and walking around with an awareness about yourself – the gifts and the shortcomings. Females and males alike! To all my dudes out there – George Washington was very in touch and honest with his emotions as that was encouraged in the 1700s. Who doesn’t like GW? That lesson completely reversed somewhere between the 1800s and 2016, so let’s get it back. I can’t wait to get to know your authentic self.

This has taken me a long time between coming up with the idea, creating it, and facing my fear of actually posting it. I feel a tinge of tightness in my chest and a weightless relief all at once. I hope you love what’s to come of this blog because my whole, real heart is in it. It really is. The time is now.


I am open to any comments/questions/ideas that you want to discuss, so please send them to me at any time! Let’s learn. Let’s grow. Let’s heal. Let’s do this together. This is only the beginning. Stay tuned!

I feel fear in this – which tells me I am doing the right thing.

It’s ok to feel how you feel.